Climate Change and Social Change - Presentations

These four presentations on Climate Change and Social Change sketch a vision for how different efforts and roles in local and broader movements for food, climate, and social justice can fit together and the role Christian communities can play.

This presentation gives an overview of the four presentations.

1 - Rethinking the Sources, or the What - This first presentation deepens our understanding of the sources of the ecological crisis so as to broaden the avenues for change we perceive and that we can pursue.

2 - Timelines and Timescales, or the When - This presentation articulates the need to live and act with a sense of urgency and an abiding prophetic patience and courage. It outlines how our efforts can operate on multiple timelines to work for short-term mitigation and long-term system change.

3 - Roles and Relationships, or the Who - This third installment is on relationships and roles, and is focused on the dynamic work of coalition building and cultivating community.

4 - Practices, Places, and Power, or the How - This fourth presentation considers how we can bring about change through transforming our ways of life.

Food and Faith Podcast - Rewritten Theology

I loved being a part of this conversation with Same Chamelin and Anna Woofenden, on the always great Food and Faith Podcast. It’s a conversation about the Ecotones of the Spirit conference from this past summer, but its really about how food and faith renew theology. the spiritual practices that can change our communities, and the ecological practices that can transform the church.

Food and Faith Podcast.jpeg

Food and Faith Podcast - Our Full Sustenance - A Conversation on Food, Well-being, and Faith

Take a listen to this conversation on Health, sustenance, and faith with Carrie Kholi-Murchison, Sarah Howell-Miller, Alex Treyz, that I helped to facilitate with Anna Woofenden and Sam Chamelin on the Food and Faith Podcast. We touch on the ways that faith communities participate in destructive moralism around health, the liberative power that faith traditions offer for a joyful life in body and spirit, and the sustainable ways of pleasure and sustenance. Also, if you aren’t subscribed to the Food and Faith Podcast, you should!

Food and Faith Podcast.jpeg

Review for Exercises in New Creation from Paul to Kierkegaard

I am grateful for Colby Dickinson’s generous and positive review of my book Exercises in New Creation from Paul to Kierkegaard in the American Academy of Religion’s Reading Religion publication. And, since you asked: though we share a last name we are not related.

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